Weighing the Cost of the Contradiction

When Rocky was barely 2 years old I would ask him “what are you afraid of son?”  To which he would reply “Nuffin”(nothing)… then I would ask him “why not” and he would say, “Because God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear”.

I instilled this in him from the time he was old enough to talk because, as a child, I was afraid of everything… Many times tormentingly so…I wanted my son to have a foundation of faith in God before he learned faith in fear…

It’s not that he will never “feel” afraid but rather understanding that fear is not a part of his inheritance because God has made provision for more.

As it pertains to anything that conflicts with what Christ paid the price for, I believe that it is important to bear in mind that it’s not that we may never experience the contradiction, but rather acknowledging that we CANNOT rewrite our theology to make the contradiction acceptable.

Sometimes you just have to resolve that when you have done all to stand, you will simply stand on the promise of what Christ has provided in spite of what we feel or see because what He has given us is greater than the enemy’s efforts to contradict His provision.

I leave you with this question and await your input in the comments of this blog, Do you believe that Christ provided more than many experience?  Why or Why Not…?


  1. jake

    Our God is awesome … awe … some. We can’t grasp all that He has done for us. Consider simple salvation, consider the sacrifice – knowing that God doesn’t have to overpay – that was given for my sin. Before the Passion of the Christ, I had a sanitized image of Jesus Crucifixion. Now, I know more. Now, I can see the price of my sin better. But, like Chris Tomlin in Here I am to Worship says – I will never know how much it cost to see my sin upon the cross. God and His gifts are so awesome that we will never know it all. But this is a challenge, we can go as deep and as far in our relationship with God as we possibly can and we will not “run out” or “reach the limits” or “bump into the wall”. God and our possibilities are awe inspiring. Awe…some …

    1. Aaron Davis

      Thanks for the comment Jake! Really Appreciate the input and sentiment!


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