Sit Still Preacher!

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I don’t “sit still” well… Can you relate?!  I like it when stuff is going on all around me.  I like extreme sports, fast cars, the roar of Harley Davidson motorcycles, and I LOVED the adrenaline of kicking in doors on the S.W.A.T. team.


Most nights I stay up late after everyone else is asleep.  When things get quiet I scan my social networks, put on headphones and listen to music, read books, watch movies…ANYTHING to occupy my attention until my body shuts me down and I am required to sleep.


It’s the story of my life…even my initials are an example: Aaron Daniel Davis… (Give it a second and you’ll get it.)


With a few minutes to spare on my way to a staff meeting this morning, I stopped and ordered my Venti Zen green tea with 6 honey’s, sat out on the Starbucks patio, put on my headphones, tuned in my “Jesus Culture” station on Pandora, closed my eyes, exhaled and said to myself,


“Holy Spirit, what do you have for me…?”


I tried to focus, but immediately my mind went to 20 things that have already happened today…


Then I heard it, “Sit still preacher….!”


The words “Sit Still” mean something to me because my dad used to say ,”Sit still Aaron!”, all the time, when I was a child.  Especially when something demanded my attention.


In that moment, I quietly paused and looked up at the window.  Initially, I only saw my own reflection.  The ADD took over and I thought to myself, “I like those headphones…” (Don’t judge me, you do that kind of stuff too.)


I looked through my reflection in the window and saw a room full of individuals who were, only seconds before, simply faceless “props” in the background of my life… Then, it hit me…THAT is what He has for me today…”THEM”.  7 billion+ of  “them”…


The “Sit Still” lesson for me in that moment was: “When you look past YOU and your immediate distractions, then you can see what God has for you and discern what is important to HIM.”  It’s definitely been something I’ve continued to ponder all day.


I’m guessing many of you are likely seeing personal parallels in my story…So, the question I have for you is, What do you think is the next step?  (Share your thoughts in the comments below)


  1. Israel Roberson

    Love the illustration! Its so true that I get caught up in all that I surround myself with. Thank you for sharing this it really stopped me and made me think about Gods purpose in my days to come! Thank you!

    1. Aaron Davis

      Great to hear from you Israel! … Glad the blog hit home with you!

  2. Hope Gaibed

    I know what it is but I can tell anyone yet and I’m about to burst!!

    1. Aaron Davis

      Hope. when you decide to share… we’ll all be here…

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