Serving God Beyond the Cliché

Clichés and Christian words that no one else will know what they mean drive me CRAZY because, for the most part, they simply become thoughtless ways that we learn to communicate.

Maybe He does it because He knows I can take it, maybe I’m reaping what I have sown, maybe God knows that humor is one of my love languages, but on many occasions God messes with me in ways that make me uncomfortable… (Kind of like I lovingly do with my son).

I remembered an event from a few years ago this morning.  I was in some big Texas city in a hotel where I’d never stayed, attending a conference that I was not thrilled to attend.  Often times when I feel irritated with my circumstances, and as an expression of my obstinate intentionality, I look for an opportunity to kick the devil in the whowho’s.

It was pushing midnight and I told the Holy Spirit, “I’m going to sit in this lobby until you send me someone to minister to…”.  I sat there for over an hour and NO ONE even walked within talking distance of me.  Finally, I told God, “I’m tired, I’m going to bed…”.

When I got in the elevator a young 20something kid hopped in with me as the doors were closing and I clearly heard that still small voice…

”Tell him I love him and I see him…”


“Tell him I love him

Me: I’m not going to be the bumper sticker “Jesus Loves You” guy…NO!

“Tell him…”

Me: God, I can hear your voice, give me something specific so I don’t look like an idiot or I’m not doing it

(silence- Doors open and I step off the elevator)



(I freeze facing away from the elevator but quickly stick my hand in the closing door stopping it, convinced that this guy is going to think I’m hitting on him at 1 am)

“Hey man, this may sound off the wall but I believe I just heard God tell me to tell you that He loves you and that He sees you…”

The guy just breaks down in the elevator and starts crying…”Man, you have no idea how bad I needed to hear that tonight… I’m going through some really rough stuff and I was wondering if God even cared enough to notice…Thank you for sharing that with me…”

(Doors close and my mind is ROCKED!)

It was all to clear in that moment how easy it is to miss what God would like to do for or through me because of my personal hang-ups or personal “restrictions” on how He should do things…

I could further elaborate on the lesson is in this example but I’d rather just encourage you to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit yourself for its application…

He’s always speaking… So, what is He saying to you today?


  1. I 53:5 Project

    Great post, great story. You never know who really needs to hear how much God loves them.

    1. Aaron Davis

      Thank you for props on the post. So true, you just never know…

  2. C.J. Penn

    Wow. Whenever I hear stories like yours, of God really working through someone, tears come to my eyes. Thanks for the tears.

    1. Aaron Davis

      Thanks so much for the encouragement C.J. I’m not anyone special either… God is always speaking and will use anyone who will be willing to be. It is great to hear from you. Feel free to reach out any time.


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