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The Ultimate Man Seminar


the Ultimate Man

There’s no guidebook on being a man which leaves men with the responsibility of figuring out what a “Real Man” is supposed to look like on their own.  As a result, it is society and the media that often shape the image that men embrace and subsequently fail miserably at trying to fulfill.

In his seminar, The Ultimate Man, retired S.W.A.T. team member, Detective Sergeant, Officer of the Year, and Best Selling Author, Aaron Davis uses his personal law enforcement testimony of rising to the top and then the tragic loss of all that he found value in after an attempt on his life in the line of duty.


The Ultimate Man seminar directly confronts the misconceptions, strongholds and lies that so influence the progress and self-image of men around the world and will redefine what a “Real Man” is from a Biblical and Godly perspective.


Some of the topics addressed in The Ultimate Man Seminar include:

Being The Ultimate Man
The Lie That Men Believe
Courage To Kill What Your Father Tolerated
What Every Woman Wishes You Knew
Believing In Who You Are Created To Be
The Real Modern Family – When Family Roles Change

Pastors: I have the audio series content for this seminar available for FREE to pastors by request.  Email me from a church email address at the address below for more information.

Contact Aaron to schedule an Ultimate Man Seminar at your church or men’s conference today! [email protected]


Special Weapons And Tactics

For Leadership & Team Building Seminar

(Faith Based)

In his Special Weapons and Tactics for Leadership and Team Building seminar, retired S.W.A.T. team member, Detective Sergeant, Officer of the Year, and best-selling author, Aaron Davis addresses key issues surrounding effective leadership, team building, conflict resolution & “getting back in the game” after life altering setbacks by sharing his riveting, near death experience of being brutally attacked on duty when a couple of men attempted to take his life, and the subsequent trials he had to overcome to reestablish himself when the doctors told him after a year of therapy that he could not return to the job he loved.


Tying in the psychology behind how we process leadership, and paralleling his own leadership experience in law enforcement as a S.W.A.T. team member and Detective Sergeant, Aaron Davis takes you on an epic journey of leadership and team building from a perspective that you have never experienced & won’t soon forget.


These Team Building Seminars are designed to challenge each member of your team to understand and accept their personal leadership roles (individually and to collectively), as part of a team, cooperate with other members (as both a leader and a subordinate) toward the fulfillment of the team vision, and ultimately fill their lanes with excellence!


This seminar is a fantastic tool for team growth in any faith based organization (ie. Staff meetings, Christian business organizations, small group leadership trainings, church conferences, etc)


The S.W.A.T. seminar/conference sessions include topics:

Clear Focus and Hitting the Target: Acknowledging our Lenses

We all see life through the lenses of our experiences.  But what happens when our lenses differ from someone else’s lenses on the team?  In this session we address how learning to acknowledge our personal lenses significantly impacts our leadership potential.

A Team Divided

Tactical team conflict avoidance, deescalation and resolution are key components of  operating a healthy team.  When there are different personalities on a team, there will always be potential for disagreements and differing opinions.  In this engaging session we seek understanding for how people process offense and how we as leaders can lead more effectively by understanding the “3 R’s” of offense.

Combatting the Disease of Me:

We’ve all heard it said, “There is no I in TEAM”, but the truth is, nearly everyone is looking at the team FROM the perspective of the missing “I”.  In this session we tactically address how to combat the “Disease of Me” and overcome mentalities often sabotaging our success and contribution to the whole.

Resilience: Getting Back in the Fight

No matter what your field of expertise, there are always setbacks, losses and hurdles to overcome.  In this session we confront the necessary tactics for overcoming “injury” and getting back to a place of significance and impact!

Adjusting for Accuracy:

Sometimes it’s little things that make a huge difference.  Minor adjustments of grip, breathing and becoming aware of unintentional compensation can make the difference between a perfect shot and missing the mark all together!  Excellence and Perfection are not the same thing.  In this session we address how daily intentionality and minor adjustments have the ability to change trajectory and set up long term benefits for the entire team.

Visualization:  Bringing Success to the Team and the Mission

Perception often determines reception.  If your team perceives that the target is unattainable, then their efforts and response will often reflect what what they perceive or believe.  In this session we discuss adjusting the cross hairs of perception, refining our accuracy and  accomplishing the mission in unity.


Contact Aaron to schedule a Special Weapons and Tactics for Team Building Seminar at your church or event  today! [email protected]



The Hebrew Perspective – Seminar

Hebrew Perspective Series

Jesus was a Rockstar:

In part one of this two part seminar, Pastor Aaron Davis addresses what actually happened in the life of Jesus between the biblical “missing years” of 12 (when he spoke with the leaders in the temple) to 30 (when his public ministry began).  Many don’t realize that Jesus was considered “elite” within his society…On the same scale as a modern day “Rockstar”.  This teaching explains in depth what Jesus had to do to be the man he became!


The New Covenant: A Hebrew Perspective

In part two of this two part seminar, Pastor Aaron Davis addresses the commonly misunderstood and questioned topic of what our Covenant (The New Covenant), established for us by Christ, actually looks like from God’s perspective and how the early church hebrews would have understood it compared to how we mis-view it through our western lenses.


This is a powerful seminar providing significant insight into who Christ is and subsequently who we are in relation to him.


The Hebrew Perspective would be a powerful addition to any faith-based conference, two part Sunday service (Sunday morning part 1, Sunday evening part 2), or faith focused multi-day revival.


Pastors: I have the audio series content for this seminar available for FREE to pastors by request.  Email me from a church email address at the address below for more information.

Contact Aaron to schedule a Hebrew Perspective Seminar at your church or conference today! [email protected]

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