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I’m dedicating this section to videos from Scientists on Intelligent design.  They may not all be “Christian” but I believe that before one can reach a resolve on who God is, they must first believe THAT He is.  Some videos will be short and to the point, others will be lengthy with significant elaboration.

In addition I may list videos with contradictory viewpoints (perhaps even to my own) I do this to encourage the process of “thinking” vs simply accepting what has been spoon fed.

Hopefully this page gives you additional things to consider in your own pursuit of understanding God.

 Science Videos:


The Signs of God’s Existence – Documentary Full Length – 1hr 55min

I found this documentary to be very interesting.  A balanced and interesting presentation of science, physics, quantum physics and logic. As a science enthusiast myself, I particularly enjoyed the scientific quotes and solid building of one scientific concept upon the other. Addressing subjects like Multiverse, Random Universe, Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Ratio, The Big Bang Theory, Evolution, Natural Selection, Mutation, Creation, the Precision of Balance existent within the universe and the history of scientific discovery. I believe you will enjoy and find this documentary very informative… even fascinating!  Interestingly enough, I discovered this video after the writing of my book, Quantum Christianity: Believe Again but much of the evidence presented was what I was discovering, studying and considering myself during the writing of the book.  If you make it to the end you will find that this video was compiled by Muslim’s and the last 10 minutes are an appeal for Islam.  Still, the scientific content of the other 1 hour and 45 minutes of video is exceptional and well worth the watch.



Evidence for Intelligent Design – John Lennox 6min 35 sec

John Carson Lennox is a British mathematician, philosopher of science and Christian apologist who is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford



Dr. Gerald Schoeder

Gerald Schroeder is a scientist with over thirty years of experience in research and teaching. He earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees all at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with his doctorate thesis being under the supervision of physics professor Robley D. Evans. This was followed by five years on the staff of the MIT physics department prior to moving to Israel, where he joined the Weizmann Institute of Science and then the Volcani Research Institute, while also having a laboratory at The Hebrew University. His Doctorate is in two fields: Earth sciences and physics.

Proof of God. Go beyond Intelligent Design with the scientific case for a Creator.  Dr. Gerald Schroeder delivers a powerful scientific case proving that God’s existence is real.  Dr. Schroeder’s argument is so powerful that it influenced one of the worlds leading atheist, Antony Flew to accept the reality of an infinitely intelligent God.  See more about Dr. Gerald Schroeder on his website:





Leonard Mlodinow is an American Physicist and author of several books on science.  “Many Scientists believe in God”.


Martin Rees formulates the fine-tuning of the Universe in terms of the following six dimensionless constants: N = ratio of the strengths of gravity to that of electromagnetism; Epsilon (ε) = strength of the force binding nucleons into nuclei; Omega (ω) = relative importance of gravity and expansion energy in the Universe; Lambda (λ) = cosmological constant; Q = ratio of the gravitational energy required to pull a large galaxy apart to the energy equivalent of its mass; D = number of spatial dimensions in space time.



Why are we here? Literally. The latest science says we shouldn’t be. It says that the chance life exists at all is less than zero. So, is science the greatest threat to the idea of Intelligent Design or is science its greatest advocate? Best-selling author and lecturer, Eric Metaxas, poses this intriguing question and comes up with a very unexpected and challenging answer.

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