Riding the Monster!

You are in a KEY position to be a tremendous influence in your industry.  I LOVE to hear about solid christian men and women who are in positions of influence in their industries.  Most people would simply not understand what it means (the full paradigm) to stand in your shoes, work in your industry and be a Christian but you have had to work that out.  I used to be a SWAT Cop and Detective Sergeant and was also a Pastor at the same time… Balancing your career and professionalism with the expectations of your job and then your relationship with God can be quite a juggling act at times I’m sure!  I know it was for me…

Just be encouraged!  God is faithful!  He has ordered up your footsteps…It is God who has begun this good work in you and it will be God who completes it…

A few years ago, I had a dream.  I was out in the middle of the ocean on a surfboard… The water was glass…DEAD CALM, feet dangling in the water, no land in sight…My surfboard was nothing more than a floatation device… then in the distance I saw this HUGE wave coming!  I started paddling and as the wave approached I got sucked up into it (if you have ever surfed you know what i’m talking about how you’re paddling and then it feels like the wave is pulling you back into it), I popped up and was riding the monster!  I looked around, I had no idea where it was going, but i knew it was taking me away from where I was at previously (and I was glad to be moving)… As I rode, I heard a voice say, “You asked me to send the wave and I sent it… It’s going right where it’s supposed to go, now just enjoy the ride”…

The point of sharing that story with you is this… As I’m sure you know, you are riding a wave that God sent for you to ride… He pre-planned the final destination of it, even if you don’t see the land right now. It is your destiny to ride that wave and take it where God leads…

The why and how of it is the God factor of the equation… You are simply the one He has chosen to use in it… So, whatever people say or think is irrelevant, as you seek God and ask Him to order up your footsteps and direct your paths, doors and opportunities will open…

Some people will NEVER understand why God has opened the door, sent the wave in that direction, or maybe even how a “Christian” can be involved in what you do…But my friend, just remember that God sent that wave for YOU to ride!  As long as you are following after Him, He is going to use you to fulfill His purpose in your season…

Even Jesus recognized who and what he was called to do and maintained focus in the direction of his personal calling… I love the story of the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15.  I’ve actually found a lot of liberty in that story myself.

Readers Digest version, A gentile woman comes to Jesus and says, “My Daughter is possessed…”  Jesus tells her, “I’m called to the lost sheep of ISRAEL…”

Jesus meets her need after she pleads with him to help her, but most people do not notice the initial point Jesus made… His season was defined by specific purpose… What he knew, that others did not, was that Paul would come later and be called to the Gentiles… It was not that the gentiles were not important to Jesus or God but JESUS was NOT called to service them in that season…

As Christians, many times we will look at what others are called to do and wonder if perhaps we are falling short in our “calling” because it does not look like theirs or even worse, it may look like we are not addressing a very important aspect of Gods character by not ministering to the Canaanites and their needs…

But God is faithful to send the messenger to the Canaanites… You need to be focused on YOUR Israel and YOUR God right now and the fullness of Gods plan for your life will be revealed…

Keep your head up!  God is FAITHFUL!

If you can dig it, SAY WORD!

Touching the Untouchable, Reaching the Unreachable



  1. Lady


  2. chet raymond

    I couldn’t stop reading til i read the whole thing, i guess i needed that. thanx Aaron.

  3. Anthony Dawes

    Word !!! thanks A, I am riding the 3 inches of water in my finished basement …. trying to make Lemonade … thanks brother 🙂

  4. Lori Castilleja

    Word! What a powerful message. Thank you for sharing, Aaron. God bless. <3

    1. Aaron Davis

      Thanks for the props Lori!

  5. Laura

    Wow Aaron. You cannot likely fathom how much of an impact this post is or will have on your readers. The timing is absolutely perfect. Thank you for following after the heart of God (continuously) and for sharing His messages with us. This post makes a monumental amount of sense right now, and I am grateful to God for using you to write it. Thank you for being willing.

    1. Aaron Davis

      Wow! Thanks Laura! God is faithful to meet us right where we are at!

  6. Diane

    WORD AMEN AND WOW!!! thankyou so much, I needed that!!

    1. Aaron Davis

      Thanks so much Diane!

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