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I’m often asked what books have influenced me and my perspectives.  The top three rows are what I would consider my “Top Shelf” reading…

As an author myself I realize that every book is representative of hundreds, if not thousands of hours of the authors life.  They’ve taken the time to write down the knowledge that they’ve acquired (sometimes over a lifetime ) so that what they have learned can be handed down as a part of their legacy to future generations.  To me, that is very significant and is why I try to read the books written by people that I respect or would have liked to be mentored by.

Although I’ve read many more books, these are the ones that have made the cut and have been the most influential in my life thus far.  Some presented me with a single idea that was revolutionary and others were amazing from start to finish… and I would recommend all of them.  I think it should go without saying, but my endorsement does not mean that I agree with everything written in all of these books.  The truth is some of their content even contradicts other books on this list at times…

I believe in free thought, learning from people who sometimes think differently than I do and exploring the possibilities of fault in my own perspectives.

Each of these books below are clickable links and can be purchased directly from Amazon.


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Here are a couple of videos that have ROCKED ME as well…

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