A Hidden Side of Aaron

A Hidden Side of Aaron

So, yeah, among a million other known things about me, there is something that I rarely share with any one…I guess in a weird way I feel kinda sissy-ish to actually admit it, but…uh, I write poetry sometimes to vent…Frustration, humor, contemplation, whatever…So here are a few of my unpublished, rarely shared poetic vents…If you can dig em’…Say “Word”   Ha!

Who am I really?

There’s conflict inside of me
With so much I want to be
And so much I want to see
But, so much that cannot be
There’s two sides that make me, me
And both sides won’t let me be
At war most constantly
Tearing apart internally
How am I to find victory
When for trees the forest cannot be seen
A general with no army to lead
A vocalist with no song to sing
A visionary with only shattered dreams
A musician with only broken strings
Trying to grasp what’s just out of reach
Wanting to understand what no one can teach
Striving to share with no words to speak
And the answer to one question I seek…
…after all, who am I, really?

I Will Trust You

I know not the direction that I am to go…
Yet I will trust you.
The answers I seek no man seems to know…
Yet I will trust you.
My heart is heavy, and my spirit groans…
Yet I will trust you.
For it feels as though fire’s confined in my bones…
Yet I will trust you.

I know my path’s guided by your mighty hand…
Yes I will trust you.
For your wisdom counted outnumbers the sand…
Yes I will trust you.
I submit my life to your holy will…
Yes I will trust you.
For where I am empty I know you will fill…
Yes I will trust you.

My days were numbered before they began…
Yes I will trust you.
Before I grew as a child, you ordained the man…
Yes I will trust you.
Where I am now is not where I’ll be…
Yes I will trust you.
For you give me vision beyond what I can see…
Yes I will trust you.

The dreams in my heart are “as vast as the stars”…
Yes I will trust you
And with my mouth I declare that I SHALL go far…
Yes I will trust you
So into your hands, my life, I submit…
Yes I will trust you
And I stand on your word, knowing you fulfill it…
Yes, I WILL trust you!!

By Aaron D. Davis 8-18-03

The Question

My soul longs the answer no one seems to know
Desiring warmth in spite of the snow
I Cry out to heaven to give me a sign
Rationalizing thoughts that are foolishness to the mind
Yet the answers elude me and frustrations grow
Where do I turn to which way do I go

Never forget your roots.

Remember the bully in the gym class
And the girl who said you were dumb
The adult that was supposed to protect you
Allowed others to hurt you for fun

Remember the weight of impressions
And how you were perceived to be
How it felt to have weaknesses revealed
So that the whole world could see

Remember the teacher you hated
And the boss that came straight from hell
The fun peer that you hired in with
Became the superior you wanted to kill

Do you remember when you were the waitress
And having to put on a smile
How you put up with crap for a dollar
And got stiffed every once in a while

Remember when you were the rookie
How stress never seemed to end
How you put in those long and late hours
Trying to “make a name” and fit in

These experiences now long forgotten
Memories sailed away on times winds
Too often we fail to recognize
Who we are reflects where we’ve been

Teacher, you were once the student
GM, remember when you swept the floors?
Policeman do you remember that one time
That the cop came and tapped on your door?

Think back to where you have come from
Keep it new and fresh in your mind
Put yourself back in their situation
And remember to respond in kind

Thanks for the Guidance

“Christian man” to the common man means self appointed judge
And then you wonder why it is that from my sin I will not budge.
If becoming a Christian means I’ll be like you then I will never be
Your lack of love and attitude frankly sickens me
I would like to thank you personally for the example you have been
Who knows what I would have become if, like you, “I turned from sin”
Without your judging attitude and the arrogance you have shown
It would have been more difficult to decide on hell as home…

Thanks for the guidance…


The one you call “lost”

Aaron D. Davis

Apples From The Ugly Tree

Apples from the ugly tree
Ore’ and Ore’ the smile at me
O’ to be blind I wish I’d be
So this homely world I could not see
Unsightly parents that should not breed
Create seed that falls close to the tree
And continually they stare at me
Till fear and revulsion take over me
I close my eyes for a happy place to be
ONE that make me smile not want to flee
That’s fun and sweet and nice to see
A land of midgets riding stick ponies

By Aaron D. Davis

The life of the PO

I wake up Monday morning, and put on my clothes
Slip on my vest so that blood doesn’t flow
Strap on my belt, and secure my side-arm
In the event that some stranger tries to do me some harm

Then, Bend over and kiss my sweet wife good-bye
and I say a quick prayer that I’ll come home tonight
Step out the door and sit in my marked car
A bulls-eye on the side in the shape of a star.

Responding and driving to multiple calls
A wife beaten by hubby but tells me she falls
A wreck in a car where a young father dies
While the drunk driver walks, and the small daughter cries

Then leaving the scene with some blood on my shirt
I pull over a car and the yuppie punk smirks
Don’t you know who my dad is?  he says with a smile
I’ll have your job by the morning if his number I dial
So a ticket I write and say “have a nice day,
and please don’t forget to tell your dad I said hey”.

Then I drive to the house of the man who has died
His wife opens the door and tears fill her eyes,
I’m sorry ma’am but your husband is dead
I try to console her but she just shakes her head
And your daughters been taken to the county ER
A few stitches she’ll need but she’s ok so far.
I call for her friend to help her through this hard time
Then I walk from the door and wipe a tear from my eye.

Next I go to a house where a man has been shot
Drug deal gone awry, took his life for some pot
His wife while in agony screams “where were you at?!”
Then she smacks me so hard that it knocks off my hat

Now with blood on my shirt and a mark on my cheek
I consider that it’s the first day of the week
My shifts almost over and reports will be due
I just cannot wait for this day to be through

I get home that evening about two hours late
Apologize to my wife, who has already ate
I watch some TV and just hold her tight
As I try to forget the last 10 hours of life

I lay down to sleep but I toss to and fro
What tomorrow might hold nobody can know
I’m in my rookie year, 29 more to go
I’d like to welcome you all to the life of the PO.

By Aaron D. Davis

Sunday, June 4, 2006

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