30 Second Sermon: Is God a CONTROL FREAK?!

You ever read something instructional in the bible and think to yourself “why in the world would God ask that of us?”  I have…A lot!  But recently I began considering the possibility that God may know something that I don’t.  Think about it from an ancient Hebrew perspective.  God says, “if you touch something dead, then you need wash your hands 7 times.”

Of course today we know about micro-organisms and germs that if ingested will kill us but 4000 years ago, they didn’t have a microscope and if God had gone into detail about small life forms entering your body and destroying your health, they would have likely misinterpreted it and possibly even made a religion about it.

Still, You can bet that many people in history blamed God for the death of their loved one after touching something dead and not washing because they assumed God was punishing them for not adhering to the ritual, never recognizing that the command was not about the ritual, it was about their protection…God knew something they didn’t about something that at the present time in history they really had no ability to properly comprehend.    In the new millennium I find myself wondering if it is possible that there are more things like this in the bible than we are unaware of.

I wonder if God actually has our best at heart and when He is telling us to do something or not do something He is doing it for our good.  If so, that might actually mean that His commands are love based and not control based as so many have assumed…Just food for thought…

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  1. Bella Rodriguez

    This was an awesome read! Have a great day

    1. Aaron Davis

      Thank you so much Bella! I really appreciate the feedback!


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