30 Second Sermon – Actions Reveal Nature

“Those who become the most demanding of their meals are usually the ones who are the farthest away from hunger.” – Bill Johnson

Pain has a way of influencing our reactions like few other catalysts. Hunger pangs are no different. A truly hungry person is not looking for ways to complain about their meal, they just WANT TO EAT! I see a parallel in the western church vs churches in countries like china or the Middle East where Christians are literally murdered for their faith.

In the US we are so “satisfied” that we often spend more time critiquing the pastors message than digesting or applying it. Here, if we have to drive more than 10 minutes to church we decide it is an inconvenience where in other countries people walk for hours and meet in hiding just to experience something that will encourage or build their faith.

If actions reveal nature, ask yourself today, “what does how I respond to and how I prioritize my relationship with God reveal about how I esteem Him?” Has spiritual gluttony bred a snobbery in you where you are more critical of what has been prepared and presented than appreciative of the “meal”? Just be honest with yourself… Have you become so familiar with God that you have lost the awe of being called one of His own?


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  1. pray3rwarr1or

    Reblogged this on pray3rwarr1or's Blog and commented:
    Wow. How true this is. I’ve considered this for a while, just never knew how to address it… well here ya go and this is for the hypocritical churchy type – stop criticizing and condemning the world has enough critics and haters. Celebrate ThanksLiving 🙂


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