Will You Make Him Proud?!

Will You Make Him Proud?

The gift of life…

A few weeks ago I found out that my wife is pregnant…it’s really a crazy thing!   All this time I actually believed that I probably couldn’t have kids and then POW… “Aaron, I’m Pregnant!”…

Up to this point it didn’t even seem real…but for some reason it is hitting home that I am going to be a daddy!  My friends tell me that I better have a girl for the child’s sake because if it’s a boy they are quite confident that I will be like Adam Sandler in the Movie Big Daddy (which is all too true).

Everything right now is just hypothetical dreams…what he will look like, what they will act like, what they will be when they grow up.  I hope he has his momma’s eyes…etc.

But I rest knowing that this child is a gift, as the bible says, Children are a gift from God.  God knows the answers to everything that I question right now, and is making this baby perfectly, according to his purpose…Just like he did you!

The bible says, “Before you were in your mother’s womb, I KNEW YOU”.  He created you on purpose, for purpose.  Regardless of whether or not you were planned, or even wanted by your parents, God saw fit to put you here on this earth for this season, and he did it on purpose…You were/are planned, You were/are wanted…by God!

I find it incredible that the God who created the universe with a word, who breathed the galaxy’s in to being multiple thousands of light years apart, not only knows of me…he knows me, and loves me, and purposely put me here in this place in this season, for a reason-a purpose.

Just like I have dreams for my child whom I’ve yet to hold or even see, God has dreams for me…and YOU!

I remember several years ago, screaming in frustration at a star lit sky, “God I have such amazing dreams for my life…”, only to be dumbfounded by the most simple and yet profound reply’s that I had ever heard, “Aaron, I know, I put them there…”

Up until that point in my life, I had never really contemplated the fact that my dreams were also God’s dreams for me; he actually created me WITH MY DREAMS!!!  I am actually his child…

He hurts when I hurt, He cheers when I win, He laughs when I’m funny…He looks at me with proud daddy eyes “that’s my boy”…Wow!!!  I’m sitting in a coffee house right now, typing in tears as I contemplate His love for me and realizing that I can make him proud!  I want that SO BADLY!!!  I want to be one that He looks at and says, “THAT’S MY BOY!”…I live for that approval from God, to hear him say, as my earthly father has said so many times, “You did good Son, Dad’s proud of ya…”

He loves me, and he loves You…We are his children and he wants the best for us…Amazing!!!

Will you make Him proud?

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