Funniest Thing I’ve EVER Seen










Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Seen!

If i’ve tagged you in this it’s because I think you might have the same appreciation that I did in hearing about my wonderful experience… It is completely true and I gotta say, quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever personally observed!


I saw a man with no teeth eating a processed ham sandwich. (I guess I should clarify, he had maybe 2 or 3 visible and very unhealthy teeth…you know the ones between your molars and your canines…bygones)


Anyways, my new favorite person on earth, would nub a “bite” and pull (with his gums) the bread away from the rest of the sandwich on the top and bottom leaving a half moon of processed/sliced ham in the middle where the bread used to be…(which was HILARIOUS in and of itself!)


He repeated this bread eating cycle twice and then latched down with his gums on the flapping ham which was now dangling where the bread used to be and violently shook his head like a pitbull on a tire until the ham tore away and he got him a savory smidgen of ham…


Of course, I was 4 feet away from the guy and literally keeled over and cried, laughing…I’ve never seen anything like that in all my life! And I’m not one of those guys who can stay “PC” when I’m shocked to laughter… To my additional enjoyment the man, with a mouth full of nubby, gnawed ham and white sandwich bread understood the humor in what I had just observed and looked up at me smiling back in toothless bliss…


I’d never have believed it had I not seen it myself, but I gotta say, I’M SO GLAD I DID!!! and I must admit, since that day, I have never doubted the love that Jesus has for me to allow me to see such a rare and wonderful treat! I am forever certain that I am one of his favorites!

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