Aaron D. Davis aka The Tattooed Preacher is a Spiritual Trainer, internet minister whose mission statement is Touching the Untouchable and Reaching the Unreachable thru the message of God's LOVE. aarondavisministries.com, aaron, davis, spirit, trainer, pastor, internet, God, Jesus, Love, Bible, Blog, Tattoo, Tattooed, preacher, Ministries, Ministry, message, aarondavisministries.com Aaron Davis endeavors to fulfill his mission statement of "Touching the Untouchable and Reaching the Unreachable" by bringing a relevant message of God's love and deliverance that bridges divides between the church and the lost and sets God's people free from oppressive bondage. With over 17 years of ministry experience, Aaron has had occasion to meet people from all walks of life. He has fed the homeless in Cass Park in the heart of Detroit, prayed with prostitutes, ministered to drug addicts, sat on the porches of hardened inner-city gang members conversing with them for hours about God, and shared the love of God with drug dealers while they conducted their business on street corners. He has visited the elderly in nursing homes, prayed with the sick in hospitals, ministered hope to the incarcerated, preached in many churches and ministered to thousands. He has seen people live life to the fullest and he has watched people die. As a result of these life experiences, Aaron's perspective is a little different than many in the traditional church. Aaron's online ministry is impacting an increasingly lost demographic by reaching out to those who would often not even consider gracing the doors of a church; addicts, musicians, porn stars, exotic dancers, actors, those who are tattooed and pierced and those who have been hurt by religion. His weekly Myspace video blogs and pod-casts are among the top rated blogs on-line, ministering to thousands of people a week and leading countless many to a deeper understanding of the redemptive nature of Jesus Christ. The passion of Aaron's ministry is revealed in his mission statement of, "Touching the Untouchable and Reaching the Unreachable" by seeing unity restored to the body of Christ across denominational divides with the Love of God displayed to people of all walks of life. Aaron Davis was born and raised in the down river region of Detroit, Michigan and currently lives south of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife of 13 years, Lisa, and their son Rocky. Aaron has been an ordained minister through Open Door Fellowship, an independent ministry fellowship with which he was affiliated for over 13 years and is now ordained through Oasis Church Nashville. Aaron has served as a Youth Pastor and an Associate Pastor and is now pursuing his election and passion as an Evangelist while also serving in his home church, The Oasis Church in Nashville, TN (Which was rated the 23rd fastest growing church in America 2010- www.OasisChurch.Tv ) as the Online Campus Pastor, an Elder, Armor bearer, Teacher and Trustee. In addition to his ministry experience, Aaron is a retired law enforcement officer where he was named Officer of the Year in 2002 and has served as a D.A.R.E. Officer, School Resource Officer, Detective Sergeant, and member of the S.W.A.T. team. Aaron retired medically after an attempt on his life in the line of duty in 2006. His testimony is an impacting illustration for all ages of the importance of hearing the voice of God in daily life. Aaron is also an author who has published two books, The Spirit of Religion and Love Thy Neighbor...? When a Spirit of Religion Opposes the Heart of God. Both can be ordered online or at any local bookstore. Aaron is available for Sunday and Wednesday ministry speaking engagements (adult and youth) as well as multi-day revivals and Saturday staff and body training seminars. For information on some of the staff and body training sessions, see his Seminar link at the top of this page or contact Aaron Davis Ministries: Aaron Davis Ministries Aaron@AaronDavisMinistries.com-->

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